However bad your fear is,

... we'll get you flying. You are not alone, and you will overcome your fear of flying. More than 40% of the travelling public are anxious about flying and 98% of fearful flyers overcome their fear. The chances are that you'll succeed, and this page is to show you how we can help you, and why you should be confident about us.

This  fear can cause a feeling of mild anxiety before a flight, or can cause a state of terror and panic. Many fearful flyers are unable to even think of boarding a plane. In the worst cases, even a visit to an airport is impossible. Some fearful flyers can’t look at pictures of planes. Do not worry about how bad you think your fear is, because you can overcome it.

Why we are good value

Compared with prices for any sort of consultative therapy, we can give you a whole day’s attention, in the right environment with a specialist for the cost of two hours therapy. On our course you receive all our products in addition to our workshop book and a 4 hour audio CD which accompanies it. You can also come back for a free top-up course at any time.  For £20 you can bring along your travelling companion.

Why we are so effective

We deal with addressing your fear in the most practical way. We do not employ gimmicky techniqes or group hugging. We are down to earth and deal with the fear of flying in a common sense way. We do not try to persuade you to go flying or force you into a situation where you have to go along with ‘the group’. You are an individual to us, with your own needs and strategies.

Why we succeed

The truth is that we don’t succeed … you do. It is your fear and you have the right to own the cure. We help you to find the strategies that work for you, we help you by answering the questions that concern you. We empower you to answer your own questions as they arise when you fly. We do not claim to cure your fear because we cannot. But we can give you all the right guidance and support. By treating you as an individual we can help you to find a lasting and personal strategy.
Symptoms often start months before a flight (usually after the booking) and become steadily more debilitating as the day of the flight gets nearer. Frequently, holidays are spoiled because the fear preys on the mind to such an extent that recovery from the outward flight is followed immediately by fears of the return flight. This is why you need strategies to deal with your feelings while you are away from home. Be re-assured by the fact that the fear of flying is not confined to any particular group of people with regard to age and gender, social status or intelligence. Remember your fear of flying is not a weakness and with the right strategies and techniques, you will overcome it. Here is the good news about your fear of flying.
  • You are not alone in your fear of flying.
  • The fear of flying is not a weakness.
  • The fear of flying can be overcome.
  • The chances are that you will overcome your fear.
  • When you sign up for our Premium Course, you’ll be getting the best possible help.

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