Do you dream about taking a holiday, visiting friends, taking promotion or just being more relaxed when you fly? If you do then you’ve come to the right place because we’ll help you to make your dreams come true.
We promise to get you flying.
The FREE information here is unequalled on the internet, and is presented in a way to help you overcome your fear. We want you to be confident that we will do everything we can to support and guide you. We want your experience here to be useful and enjoyable. Our fear of flying community has 3000+ members around the world and many stay in touch to give support when flights are being taken.
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Captain Keith Godfrey

Captain Keith Godfrey

01420 588 628

Captain Keith learned to fly in 1959. In 1964 he was the youngest pilot to hold a flying instructor’s rating in the UK. In 1965 he was the chief flying instructor at the largest flying club in the UK. During a 28 year career with British Airways his training skills were recognised for their innovation, effectiveness and popularity. As well as running, the world largest online help resource for fearful flyers, Keith now features regularly in print, radio and on TV. He is a senior training consultant at  one of the worlds’ biggest Commercial Pilot training academy.
alton-ct-set-140x140 How can you be sure that the things you buy from our shop will work for you? We hope that by reading this website you’ll see that we’re genuinely interested in helping you. The quality of our website reflects the quality of the products we sell. So if you like the quality of the free stuff, you can be certain our products are even better. Notice that we don’t do hard selling and we don’t do gimmicks. We don’t blame your childhood or the intricacies of how your brain is wired. We don’t complicate your fear, we simplify it. We do down to earth factually based understanding and guidance. We do stuff that works. You can trust what we do.

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