How stress adds to your Fear of Flying

This is to introduce you to the effects of stress and why it makes it more difficult for you to deal with your fear. Stress reduces your capacity to cope with things. Stress and the effects of stress are all part of modern life.


We sometimes confuse being busy, with being stressed. We confuse not getting our own way as being stressed.
Occasionally there isn’t enough time in the day to complete the routine tasks of life and we have to prioritise what we do in both our working and domestic lives.
It’s more than likely that the ordinary stresses of life make your fear of flying even worse, and so it is important as a fearful flyer to control all your stress levels. Controlling stress with knowledge is part of our new Premium on-line fear of flying course.

The course will show you that:

  • Stress is yours to control.
  • Stress in the right amounts can be motivating.
  • Un-managed stress will make you vulnerable.

Stress is the difference between what you think you have to do and what you think you can manage to do. Premium will show you how pilots control stress. Here is a simple example from the Premium course
For example, the reason that traffic jams are so stressful to some people, is that the perceived task i.e. getting to work on time, versus the perceived ability to get there on time, is in conflict and out of one’s control. However if each morning you had (answer on Premium)  then your perceived ability to get to work on time would be high and your stress levels would come down. Solutions are often as obvious as that.

The first step in reducing stress levels is to set realisable outcomes. When you take your flight you should concentrate on a small part of the flight where your anxiety can be reduced. Perhaps your first task might be to walk around in the cabin or to let go of the armrests for a few moments … start with something simple, congratulate yourself, then set new targets.

Here is an idea that might help you. If you plan to climb to the top of a mountain,  success will be  reaching the summit. If however, your aim is to get as far up the mountain as you can reach time you try, then each time you try, you’ll succeed. More of this explanation on Premium
Overcoming your fear is not a competition, there’s no winning or losing, there is only succeeding. And of course one day, in this comparison, the mountain may be in a blizzard, and another day be sunny and bright. Whatever the circumstances keep your stress levels  down by being realistic.
Success breeds success.


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