There are no difficult or dangerous airports

Let's deal with the frequently asked question, "Are some airports more difficult  than others to land at?" And the answer is "No".  There are no such airports. To the question "Do some airports have restrictions on their use?" The answer is "Yes".

But that doesn’t make them difficult and … see Premium on line for more help and useful information. There is no point in my telling you things that aren’t true, because that would discredit everything on this site.
Before an airline can operate with fare paying passengers it has to meet all sorts of requirements regarding the legality and safety of its method of operating.

Clearly a small charter company, operating between small airports, would have different requirements compared with an international airline, but that doesn’t mean that the standards are lower.
For example the maintenance standards will be the same for both airlines but length of runways would be different and the hours of operating the aircraft might be different. Consequently, a small company could operate in an airport that has no runway lights because the airline only flies to it during daylight hours.
An airport in the Alps or any mountainous area would have shorter runways than an international one and it would probably not be possible to have an unobstructed 10 mile approach to the airport.

There are other restrictions of course at some airports where the take-off path may be obstructed by the terrain. Under these circumstances the plane will be required to make a turn away from the obstruction before a certain geographical position or height and … see Premium for more
Some people seem to be fascinated  by the old Hong Kong airport where planes followed a marker board system or into New York where pilots follow curving approach lights around a baseball stadium. Does it take skill?
The summary is then that there are airports which require procedures that are different from other airports but the safety standards are always maintained.

Remember the more you know, the less influence your fear of flying will have on your life.
Captain Keith

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