Videos that will help you to overcome fear of flying

This sample video page is to help you to overcome your fear of flying. They will help you to understand and  'normalise'  flying.

De-bunk the myths and mis-understandings about flying. If your anxiety levels rise that’s good, because you can see that they will go up and then become steady … your anxiety levels will not keep increasing. Learn to get used to your feelings.

Watch them once … watch them over and over again until you’re bored and so used to them that they’re ‘normal’ to you.
With Premium you’ll have access to more than 60 videos designed to help you to overcome your fear of flying. Captain Keith talks to you about all the things that fearful flyers worry about.

Join and get support wherever you are, and wherever you travel to in the world. Premium has a special Flight Board feature where you can list your flight and we’ll give you support at regular intervals in the run up to your flight. Fellow  fearful flyers will be able to post encouraging tips to you, while  our experts will be available to help you with anything you need to know about.

We have over 60 useful Video tips on Premium

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