Audio Course

Audio Fear of Flying Course

Everything you need to know from the moment you think about booking your ticket until the moment you get back home and think about your success. Hear the answers to the things you don’t normally dare to think about.

Do you want to overcome your fear of flying? This four hour audio course addresses your feelings and:  
  • Explains everything you need to know in a relaxed, enjoyable way
  • Is comprehensive but concise – explanations cover what you need to know, when you need to know it
  • Gives you explanations and strategies for the times you get anxious
  • Explains flying  in a new and interesting way that will get you keen top fly
  • Takes you through all the feelings anxious flyers get in the run up to their flight
  • Shows you why you should trust in the  statistics
  • Can easily be ripped to your mobile player, to use while you’re flying
  • Explain things that other courses don’t bother with
  • Includes sound tracks of complete flights
  • Simply works – hundreds of people have overcome their fear of flying using this course
  • Is free as part of the Premium on-line Fear of Flying Course

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Price: £9.99

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