and we'll keep to it. Don't let google crawlers be the only thing to dig into this site. There's more information about the fear of flying here than anywhere else on the planet.

This is how one fearful flyer described us compared with other courses.

"I bet they don't phone you for a chat the day before your flight to reassure you because you are nervous ...Years ago now but I've not forgotten ... Thanks Keith"

And the reason is, that were interested in you as a person and because we’re more interested in your success than your money. You’re not a booking reference, you’re a person with a fear of flying and you’re looking for help.

So we’ll explain turbulence, yes, we will explain about taking off and why you are perfectly safe. You’ll discover that planes don’t fly through thunderstorms, that there aren’t such things as ‘difficult‘ or ‘dangerous’ airports. You’ll discover why ‘bad weather’ isn’t a problem to modern airliners. We’ll tell you about noises and movements of a plane. We’ll explain why planes fly.

More importantly we want you to gain confidence about us and about yourself. We want you to be comfortable here so that you can face the facts and face your fear of flying. Unlike other fear of flying sites we’re here not to sell you things, but to get you flying.
The first thing to do is to avoid using emotive language when you talk about flying. Use facts rather than feelings. Your feelings are real of course, but the ‘wrong’ words help to maintain your fearful thoughts rather than overcome them. Use the facts to overcome the unhelpful feelings.

Now it’s time to take your next step to overcome your fear of flying and continue your journey. There is no better day than today. Don’t be nervous, because we’re here to help and support you.

Why not have a look at our Premium on-line fear of flying Course? If you fly on an internet connected airline, you’ll be able to talk to Captain Keith while you’re in flight.

Build your knowledge with Premium

  • The wings can’t fall off.
  • There are no such things as … see Premium
  • The wings won’t fall off, the engines don’t …  see Premium.
  • The plane won’t flip over after taking off.
  • The pilot won’t struggle to land in fog or snow.
  • The cabin crew are trained to help passengers suffering from …

You’ll find that many of the things that you worry about are perfectly normal for the pilots and cabin crew. There is nothing that you can think about that hasn’t been thought about already. It may be that you are not concerned about those particular things but you’re probably anxious about something else. From now on you don’t have to worry … every  fact and bit of help you need are available on this site and the Premium on-line course.
Please enjoy looking around because, as I have said already, there is nothing on this site that will upset you or make you more anxious than you are now.  And as you start browsing you’ll be going just a little further along your journey of overcoming your fear. Well done so far.

Build your support with Premium

  • This and Premium are the internet’s biggest sources of help for anyone with a fear of flying.
  • Support is vital when you are trying to overcome your fear.
  • We will help you to overcome your fear of flying.
  • Your Premium Flight board will allow other fearful flyers to help you.
  • Your Premium Support network will let you make ‘friends with fearful flyers who feel like you.
  • Your Premium programme will show you the perfect ‘contract’ to have with your supporter.

On this site there are  many fear of flying articles for you to explore so all the information you need is here … but just in case it isn’t, contact Captain Keith now on the Contact Us page.  
Among the pages of information here you will find videos, podcasts, picture explanations, you can assess your fear and there’s a dictionary of the words we use in commercial flying. And there is a shop with more products to help you overcome your fear of flying, than are available anywhere else on the internet. This site  has a blog with over 300 individual posts spanning 5 years. You can also sign up for our monthly help letter.
Please enjoy looking around because, as I have said already, there is nothing on this site that will upset you or make you more anxious than you are now.  And as you start browsing you’ll be going just a little further along your journey of overcoming your fear. Well done so far.  

Build your confidence with Premium

  • It’s easy to get the feeling that it’s all a waste of time and effort but it’s not.
  •  And that’s why we’d like to encourage you to join the premium network to share your experiences.
  • We won’t get you to the ‘top of the mountain’ quickly, but we’ll get you closer to ‘the summit’ each time you fly.
  • Always  tell yourself “well done” … give yourself a pat on the back … you’ve earned it!
  • Record your flight on Premium’s Flight Board and we’ll keep in touch with you  with regular hints and tips to help you.
  • Set your aims and goals realistically until you are able to fly with less stress and anxiety.

On our public fear of flying community amongst the 3000+ members there will be someone who has a story like yours … and you will be able to read about other people’s experiences and feelings. Premium has its own exclusive network available only to members, which you may prefer. The fear of flying is a learnt fear, and with Premium  Help you can unlearn it.  We’ll help you to find a strategy. That means you’ll have to throw away all the unhelpful things you’ve picked up and concentrate your efforts on the things that will change your outlook. We don’t promise to get you to the ‘top of the mountain’ quickly… but we’ll get you higher and closer to ‘the summit’ each time you fly. And there’ll be others to support you too.
Fearful flyers often say ” I used to be fine … I don’t know what’s wrong with me” as if it’s a personal shortcoming. The fact is, things happen in life and developing a fear of flying is one of them … the important thing is to not focus on the problem … but on the solution.
Captain Keith

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