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This survey will show you the level of your fear compared with a sample of 4,000 other fearful flyers. You may find it useful to see what your level of fear is, compared to where you think you are. Many fearful flyers believe that their fear is higher than it is, and this makes them worry more than they really need to. But most importantly it provides a benchmark. The full survey is available on the Premium Fear of flying Course

The 46 items below refer to experiences which may or may not cause fear or apprehension. On a piece of paper list the numbers 1 to 46.
Beside each item number, mark the number which most accurately describes how frightened or anxious thinking of the item makes you feel.
Work quickly but be sure to consider each item separately. If necessary, take a break if the apprehension of an item begins to spill over onto the next item.
Use the following 4-point scale to rate how much the item bothers you:
0 = Not at all    1 = A little bit    2 = A fair amount    3 = Much    4 = Very much
Example: If item one were to read, “Listening to a friend talk about a flight that he/she took which had mechanical problems prior to departure”, you would mark a 3 next to number 1 on your paper if you were much disturbed by the situation. Begin now to rate your anxiety or discomfort on the items below.
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