Turbulence for fearful flyers

If you worry about turbulence, you are not alone. It's often compared with driving over a bumpy road, but the difference is that you are travelling ten times as fast in a plane ... so the bumps are going to feel a lot worse.

Turbulence There are detailed descriptions of turbulence  on our Premium site. The weather that causes it is explained elsewhere on this site, but it’s always worth reminding you that it is the movement and collisions of air streams that cause the bumps. The obvious comparison is with the meeting of rivers where currents and eddies form as the rivers meet. Most people’s fear of flying involves turbulence. The on line Premium course will explain in greater detail why turbulence occurs and why it isn’t dangerous. The pilots have weather maps showing areas of turbulence and will plan to avoid the areas concerned when possible.
The best thing to do is to say to yourself that –

“Turbulence may be uncomfortable, but that’s not the same as dangerous.” Remember that:

  • It is NOT harder to fly a plane in turbulence than at other times.
  • Turbulence is uncomfortable, but that’s not the same as dangerous.
  • do not try to read the faces of the crew unless you are a trained mind reader
  • Turbulence is the movement of air … it’s not dangerous but do have your seat belt fastened tightly
  • Most people believe that turbulence makes the plane hard to fly … this is not true.
“Only twice in all my 20,000 hours did I ever experience severe turbulence, I never was out of control in turbulence, it was never difficult to fly my plane, and my plane was never in danger.” Captain Keith.

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