This, and Premium are the biggest resources for fearful flyers anywhere on the internet. However you feel right now, please be confident that you can, and you will, overcome your fear of flying - because most people who do something about it, succeed. We'll get you flying ... that's our promise.

  1. Don’t hope for a miracle cure because they don’t exist.
  2. Don’t think that that suddenly one day something will just change, because it won’t.
  3. Don’t keep delaying action in the hope that your fear will go away on its own, because it won’t.
The truth is that the sooner you start addressing your fear the sooner you’ll be away on your trip enjoying yourself, and the solution is not as difficult as you think it is. We’ll give you all the help, support and encouragement that you want. But it’s your fear and you have to face it, we can’t do that bit for you. But we’ll always be around for you.
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What we do, and what we don't do to help you overcome your fear.

We don’t do tree hugging, trickling water or group hugging …. because it won’t fix your fear. You have to recognise that it will take you time and effort, but the success will be worth it.
Remember that it is only you who holds the key to overcoming your fear, we can only help.
We want the success to be yours, and then you’ll always ‘own’ it.

The things that seem impossible now will become possible, the holiday flights that you fear now, will become manageable, business flights you may be avoiding will bring new opportunities and any friends and family living abroad will become closer in every sense of the word.
Our Premium 0n-line Fear of flying Course (£29.99  $47.00) will help you.


It’s important to understand that there will be setbacks. There will be days and flights when your fearful feelings return – this is perfectly normal and you shouldn’t be surprised or disheartened by it.

The Premium Course has a section on maintaining your motivation, with many explanations and strategies to keep motivated, and of course the network will keep you in touch with other people who feel like you do.
On the Premium Fear of flying Course we’ll support and encourage you so that you’ll reach your goal of flying without fear.

Quick fixes

Remember there are no quick fixes anywhere … not even with the world’s biggest brands. A quick fix is not going to give you the tools and skills needed to prepare you for things that you might encounter when you’re flying.
This is why we advocate knowledge and behaviour based strategies. There are no slick answers on this site, no dumbing down and no ‘slap on the back’ remedies.
We’re here to help you.
And if we can’t help you to go flying, then we doubt that anyone can.

I hope you enjoy the site and don’t hesitate to let me know if I should add anything for you. Captain Keith

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