Sharing experiences is a very effective way of dealing with a fear of flying. It shows that no-one is alone with their fear, and that many people have the same worries about flying. Encouragement and support is a vital part of managing your fear.

There are some amazing stories in the community,  people who would never have believed that they could fly, manage to get to Australia and back from the UK. People across the world take journeys they could only ever have dreamed of. Some members who haven’t flown for more than 30 years regularly write in and report their latest holiday. Anyone, despite the level of their fear and however long they’ve had their fear, can be helped. It is a source of inspiration and encouragement that shouldn’t be missed.

Being a member of this FREE social network gives you:

  • A place to share your experiences with others who have a fear of flying.
  • The chance to join in discussions to explore your anxieties.
  • Support from people who understand your fear of flying.
  • The chance to share your successes.
  • Access to successful flyers stories (and to see their photos and videos)

The specialist social network on Premium has extra features to help fearful flyers find supporters. You don’t have to post messages or talk about your fear of flying unless you want to, you are free to use the community facilities however you wish. A lot of people benefit from communicating with others, sometimes just telling your story eases the anxiety of flying. You’ll nearly always find someone online to chat to on the Fear of Flying chat facility. The name for our Fear of Flying social network came from one of our forum members. She thought that the word Logbook is part of a pilot’s life but is also a good way of describing the accounts and records of fearful flyers. And 24/7 shows the fact that there’ll always be someone, somewhere in the world to chat to about your fear of flying.

We are on the social medias, join us...


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