We think of you as an individual.

Your fear of flying works like a computer virus, infecting your your thoughts.  The virus damages your objectivity and confidence. Avoid the temptations of quick fixes, miracle cures and big brands.


Once removed, make sure that you don’t reinfect your hard drive by going back to old habits and thoughts. This is why getting the proper help, guidance and support is so important. While you make your journey to overcome your fear, your supporter should make sure that you avoid unhelpful thoughts and unreliable sources of information. We are here to support you. Remember these top tips about your fear of flying:

  • Your fear is a normal human reaction.
  • Your fear can be controlled.
  • Your fear can be overcome.
You can break the cycle of fear by gaining knowledge and using strategies and techniques that work. At the start of overcoming your fear, you are especially vulnerable, like an alcoholic is to a drink or a reformed smoker to a cigarette.

A smoker has to resist the thoughts of temptation, you have to resist the thoughts of being vulnerable and fearful. And you are vulnerable, because your fear will attack you at unguarded moments and get into your mind without your realising it. An unguarded comment from a friend, an ill-informed comment in the press, a so-called television documentary, constantly and gently filling your mind with doubts.
Fear is easily retrieved unconsciously and brought into our consciousness.
The bad thoughts infect the good ones. This is why it is so difficult to dislodge fearful thoughts. We can rationalise and write down all the reasons that our fear is illogical, but still something inside nags us and says ‘don’t believe it’ and this of course reinforces the fear. So the bad thoughts make it worse and the good thoughts increase your fear by reminding you of it.

Being fearful is easy, fighting the fear is harder. That’s why it’s easy for the fear to take over. Overcoming a fear of flying involves making decisions that have serious and sometimes costly implications.
The on line Premium fear of flying course has lots of help. When you find something on the course that helps you, there’s your personal library to ‘drop’ it into so that all the helpful articles are in one place.
The downward spiral can go out of control easily. The task might seem hopeless… but it’s not. To restructure the information so that it is allocated to another part of the brain is what many therapies do, whether it’s by some form of temporary self deception or by a structured approach. However, it needs to be done at a time of no pressure … not at the airport or in the run up to travelling.

So you need to start your strategy now. We promote a no nonsense, down to earth, supportive and structured approach.
That’s why our policy is to congratulate people for every step they take towards going flying. So once again, tell yourself  “well done”  for coming to the site. And don’t underestimate the benefit that you get from deciding to do something about your fear of flying.
Smiling when you think of your fears will have a very beneficial effect as well. Try it.
Finally, there is a belief amongst fearful flyers that worrying helps to stop things from ‘happening’ to them. They say, “If I don’t worry about things then something is bound to happen”. That’s a thought that has to be challenged, because it’s just not true.

So avoid:

  • Rituals.
  • See Premium Course.
  • See Premium Course.


  • Realistic thinking.
  • See Premium Course.
  • Don’t hope that something won’t happen, have a strategy in case it does.

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