Help videos that will assist you to overcome your fear of flying

Watch these  help videos to assist you in  overcoming your fear of flying. They will help you to understand and  'normalise' your fear.

De-bunk the myths and mis-understandings about flying. But don’t just watch them once … watch them over and over again until you’re bored and so used to them that they’re ‘normal’ to you.

If your anxiety levels rise that’s good, because you can see that they will go up and then become steady … your anxiety levels will not keep increasing. Learn to get used to your feelings. Take them along for the ride and keep control of them … not the other way around.

My successful flight – from one of our flyers!

Find more videos like this on LogBook 24/7 Help Network

Dari posted this video recently to show how you can overcome your fear of flying. Why not join us on our support network and see how you can overcome your fear of flying – start today.

Flying without Fear DVD

When a production company approached me about making our Fear of Flying DVD I gathered a group of fearful flyers and met for a day discussing their worries and answering their questions. Then, a month later, when I had chartered a plane I sent them a simple email saying that the flight was on a certain day and would they like to join me. They all came. Join them now for a few minutes. Remember that taking a flight as a part of a course doesn’t prove anything. If you have a fear of flying you have to prepare, consider and then take a flight. YOU have to make the decision to fly when YOU are ready. Like these people did. It’s your fear, you have to face it. We just help.

Flying in turbulence – is safe and easy

The door closing..

A look inside our plane

Get used to being bumped around

On Board a flight simulator

Turbulence – safe and normal for Cabin Crew

Landing – safe and normal for Cabin Crew

In flight Noises – safe and normal for Cabin Crew

Getting used to Take Off

Safe procedure to ‘Go Around’ on landing

Landing an aircraft is safe and easy – see why

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