The day is based on adult learning styles and designed to be enjoyable, fun, passenger friendly and memorable. You'll leave with strategies, confidence, and a new life ahead of you.

…and we do this by making everyone feel at ease, because we know that getting involved is a great way to overcome your fear of flying.  So you’ll be learning from people who feel like you do about flying. Before we even think of boarding  we’ll meet in the Departure Lounge restaurant and have a chat over a coffee and get to know each other. Can you imagine wanting to get on board?  Our passengers do.

We’ll look after you as an individual, because there will only be four of you, and we’ll talk about the things that you want to talk about.
We won’t waste your time getting a crowd of ‘experts’ to talk at you. You can ask us everything you want to know about and go home happy that you’ve had all your questions answered.
You won’t feel awkward or embarrassed because you’ll know the people you’re with, and you’ll know us too.
You’ll be learning to overcome your fears together.  This is why  people who have tried everything else find that when they come to us they succeed.

What do you have to lose … if it doesn’t work we’ll refund your money! Nothing to lose and the whole world to gain.

What we do

Group discussions need direction so we underpin the day with a structure that ensures that we cover everything that is useful to a fearful flyer. We follow the basics of a normal flight. We start with a cabin briefing, then start the engines, then taxi out, followed by a take-off  … we talk about everything that happens in the cruise. And while in the cruise we cover relaxation, breathing and visualisation exercises.
Usually before we even get that far, people want to hear about why they get a feeling of falling just after take off as the engines seem to lose power (We cover this at length on the premium Course). While we’re ‘in the cruise’ we talk about the sensations and noises in flight.
And of course the favourite subjects of turbulence and thunderstorms come up again and again. We usually cover these two subjects in the question and answer session at the start but there’s always something else people want to know about.

More about the day

And so we continue with the “flight” until we land. You will be given a workshop book which will have information about all the subjects that come up on a course and this will be a useful reference to you when you are back home and preparing your strategies for taking a flight. There are pages for notes and adding your own hints and tips that come up during the day.
Taking brief notes is a very valuable and effective way of making sure that you can retain and then recall information when you need it (but only if you want to!). And recalling information easily is important because you’ll almost always be slightly anxious when you first fly, so using the strategies, techniques and knowledge will become second nature to you.
After the course we will continue to give you all the support, help and encouragement that you need.  To help you to overcome your fear of flying you can always call me on 01420 588 628
During the day, when beneficial we use video, audio and PowerPoint to enhance our explanations.

More about the course

  • The fear of flying is a learned fear so can be unlearnt.
  • Adults learn by self awareness and reasoning.
  • Concepts are more beneficial than facts.
  • Facts need to be used with concepts not in isolation.
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is the most beneficial for overcoming a fear of flying.
  • Group interaction is vital to learning.
  • The graded exposure you get in the aircraft is invaluable.
  • Talking to experts is vital in developing confidence.
  • Being accompanied by a supporter is recommended.
  • Maximum group size is five.
This course has been developed using the guidelines recommended at the World Fear of Flying Conference in Montreal 2007, and is the only one of its type in the world. We’ll get you flying, and smiling, that’s our promise.


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